This weekend revitalized my passion and heart with the pursuit of teaching. Kim made the first step in my dream a reality. Kim is a blessing and an AMAZING teacher. This weekend was beyond my expectations.

-Megan, AYTT graduate March 2019

Mrs. Kim is an amazing teacher because she makes each kid feel special. She listens to each individual’s needs while making class lots of fun.
-Zoe, Age:11

I have been taking aerial yoga class with Kim for the last several years. I started without any knowledge of aerial yoga. Kim took her time explaining things to me and making me feel at ease. I keep coming back to Kim’s classes because she has helped me to believe in myself and become stronger than I ever thought possible. Always tailoring classes to the needs of individuals.Kim has helped me conquer doubt and fear in my abilities through her teaching and coaching. Always taking me to new heights! Her classes are taught with a knowledge and passion that make me feel safe to take on a challenge. Definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had the privilege to learn from.
– Nicole V

I began my yoga practice about a year and a half ago. It was on my mat that I was introduced to Kim and Aerial Yoga. I was hesitant to have my hands and feet leave the ground, but the light inside was saying go for it. The passion and excitement that Kim expressed when speaking about Aerial Yoga was enough for me to give it a try. My first time in the fabric I felt like a kid again. I had a bit of trepidation at the beginning of that first class, but by the half hour mark I was trusting the fabric. That trust was absolutely attributed to Kim’s encouragement and calm assertive instruction. I was hooked after just one class. I have accomplished things in my Aerial practice that I would never have dreamed of before Aerial Yoga. I am the strongest I’ve ever been,in my mind and my body. Aerial Yoga has enhanced my mat practice too, from Downward Dog to Half Moon, my alignment has only gotten better. Aerial Yoga works all the muscle groups, including your brain. The freedom and joy you feel when taking flight is undeniably exhilarating! Go ahead- give it a try- you will love love love it!!
– Jen M.

It doesn’t matter if it is your first class, or you been flying for months. Kim’s approach is welcoming and a bit challenging every class. Her cues and guided assist, leaves you wanting to try any crazy pose in the silks. Her ability to come up with flows on the spot, makes classes always fun and surprising! Her knowledge of the body and how it moves allows you to try and go deeper in every pose.I started taking aerial, mainly for stretching and to help my lower back. I’m stretching like I never thought possible, and personal my back has not felt this good in awhile! I was hooked after the first class, I’m sure you will be too!
– David W.